Need to secure finance to buy your dream home or refinance to make sure you are getting the best deal on your existing mortgage? Looking at borrowing to purchase an investment property or access funds for investment? Need to lend to fund expansion or acquisition for your business?

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If you do choose to proceed with a finance option the service doesn’t finish there. Competition between lenders mean what is on offer constantly evolves, we will keep regular contact with you to revisit and review your deal to make sure it is still the best fit for you.


A home loan is a lending facility, secured by a mortgage taken over a residential property. The main use of a home loan is to purchase residential property, used as the purchaser’s principal place of residence (owner occupied) or as an investment property. Home loans can also be used to purchase vacant land, build a home (construction) or draw against equity to purchase personal assets or investments.

The term of a home loan is usually set-up between 5 and 30 years. Most often home loans are set-up over 30 years as this offers flexibility by allowing the borrower to pay the loan off faster or slower depending on available cash flow.

There are also different ways to set-up the repayment schedule, with principal and interest or interest only offered by most lenders. A principal and interest home loan is most often the set-up used for owner-occupier homes, while interest only investment home loans are set-up for investors.
An interest only loan setup can assist a client maximise the interest payable on the loan and, therefore, the potential tax benefit.


An investment home loan is a home loan that is set up for the purpose of funding assets that are used to gain a return for the investor.

Investment assets that are most commonly purchased using an investment home loan include investment properties, shares in listed companies and managed funds.

Investment home loans are generally set-up as interest only loans so that the investor can maximise the loan amount to maximise the interest payable and, therefore, maximise their tax benefits.


A business loan is a lending facility that is used for the purpose of growing or purchasing a business. This could include purchasing assets or providing cash flow for the business. Typically business loans are secured by a guarantee that is supported (secured) by a residential or commercial property.

Another type of business loan facility is equipment finance. An equipment finance facility is used to purchase business equipment with a goods mortgage taken over the purchased asset to secure the facility.


A Commercial Loan refers to funding provided by lenders for the purpose of buying property such as business premises, shops, factories, purchasing assets used by a business or funds borrowed to invest into a business.

The term of a commercial loan is generally shorter than that given to residential mortgages. A commercial loan secured by a commercial property will have a term that can range up to 15 years. Borrowers can generally obtain up to 70% of the property’s valuation. The loan terms in these cases can be longer when a residential property is used.

Business loans are a type of commercial loan facility and can be secured by both residential or commercial property.

Equipment Finance or Asset Finance is used to purchase business assets. These loans have different structures that include equipment loan, chattel mortgage, commercial hire purchase or finance lease.

property development loan is another type of commercial loan and is normally used when 2 or more properties are being built simultaneously.
Self-managed super fund holders can also purchase commercial properties using an SMSF loan with similar term to that available to the purchaser of a commercial property.